Brendhan Garland

ArtIst Statement



Brendhan Garland is merely the result of organic and inorganic matter being influenced and shaped by ideologies, relations, aesthetics, energies, and apparitions. Some (most) of these forces have been imposed upon them by dominant cultural production apparatus (Capitalism) and the spectacle. Others have been discovered in a sort of dérive through various organizations, archives, texts, and finding new ways of knowing and experiencing the world. Some things remain hidden, and some will remain obscured forever, unknowable, and undiscoverable, and opaque.


Everything is not transparent or reducible.

There are no universal human or natural truths – nothing lies at the bottom of natures.


The artist does not fully know their own practice. We are all in a constant state of expansion, relation, and reflection. Don’t be fooled into thinking the artist is a “master of their craft,” and be especially weary of artists who proclaim to be such.

We don’t owe allegiance to any masters.


And well, I think I've gone mad

Isn't that so sad?

And what a shame you've lost a brain

That you never had


The “artwork” produced by “Brendhan Garland” is generally manifested through the relationship between both the body and the lived body (in Husserl’s terms) and/or the Universal Self and the human self (in Zen Buddhist terms) and the materials – which is then enhanced by reflections on ideologies, aesthetics, material history, dismantling of the self or ego and attempts to capture the present emotional state. The work ultimately hopes to decentralize thought, provoke both the artist and the viewer, and empower meaningful connection.


There is no intention to provide solutions but rather opportunities to reflect and ask better questions.


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Brendhan lives and works in Gainesville, FL.