My(Self): An Art Installation

This installation also featured spaces not featured in the slideshow above including: a meditation room, the death/life room*, a pour-over coffee bar, and a video screen playing a video of Kanye West talking about self identity on loop.

*The Death/Life Room was a dimly lit classroom filled with Vito Acconci's booming voice speaking the words written by Timothy Furstnau from the video "You're Going to Die!" on a loop. Inside the classroom, all the rolling chairs were flipped over and placed to form a maze. In the middle of this maze, the only light, a dim blue light, was placed along side the book Duck, Death and the Tulip. After reading the book participants could stay in the space and reflect on the connection between the book and the words spoken over the speakers, or they could continue on through the maze.

© 2020 by Brendhan Garland.

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