1. Love-Tour.jpg

Love. Show 360 Tour

Date Created: 09/14/2018

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Materials: Virtual Reality Tour

Additional Details: This is the second large, one-night only art event/installation that I created. It featured five immersive experiences, twenty works of art, and one video all created specifically for this event. The immersive experiences were: a room where you had to stare into another person’s eyes for 5 minutes, a rose petal room with a projection of a wave on the ceiling, food prepared by me (tea sandwiches and chocolate covered strawberries), a space for focusing attention back to the present moment and an interactive art piece where participants learned to draw an ensō. The video, “Love. Interview,” was played.

2. Dissolution.jpg

Date Created: 11/9/2018
Dimensions: Site Specific Installation
Materials: Photograph, Oil Painting, Postcard
Additional Details: 
               i.    Left: Photograph of Site Specific Installation: Ice, Glass                                 House, Glass Figurine
               ii.    Right (Top): Oil on Paper Adhered to Matte Board                                        (Front of Postcard)
               iii.    Right (Bottom): Postcard Design (Back)
                iv.    This is one piece out of a larger series called "The                                  Grand Tour." Small site-specific installations were                               placed around campus anonymously and secretly.                               From the images of these installations small oil                                       paintings were created. These oil paintings were then                           converted into postcards celebrating the installations                           as monumental landmarks at Illinois College.

3. design no14.jpg

No°14 Painting
Date Created: 05/25/2019
Dimensions: 18 x 24”
Materials: Oil on Canvas

4. StudyofaHome.jpg

Study of a Home
Date Created: 11/25/2019
Dimensions: 18 x 18”
Materials: Acrylic on Paper Bag and Leaves

5. 4010.jpg

Date Created: 12/12/2019
Dimensions: 34 x 46”
Materials: Acrylic on Glass

Home: an art installation
Opening: 02/02/2020
Dimensions: Site Specific Installation
Materials: Good Work House, Art Pieces, Human Beings, Food
Additional Details: This is the latest in my series of one-night only art events/installations. It featured three floors of artwork created specifically for this event, in this house, including 3 immersive experiences, 25 works of art and one video. The immersive experiences were a grilled cheese and tomato soup station, a bathroom installation featuring the video answers to my interview questions, a space for reflection on the questions and bringing the participants attention back to the present moment. This event/installation took place at the Good Work House in Venice, CA.